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Podcasts are a great way to learning the art of self-publishing and writing, and are the main resource I’ve used for learning the indie business. Podcasts are run by indie writers who are living and thriving in the indie game. Here are some of the best you should listen to:

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn (who writes as JF Penn) provides weekly writing encouragement, updates on publishing news and intriguing interviews with other writers. For patreon supporters, Joanna also provides a monthly Q&A podcast filled with lots of good information.

The Self Publishing Podcast

Run by Johnny B. Truant, David Wright and Sean Platt, this is the podcast network I go to when I need a laugh as well as some inspiration for writing. I say network, because they don’t just have one podcast but a host of them! The boys at SPP are dedicated indie’s and doing some really cool stuff as well as writing some awesome sci-fi and horror books, be sure to check them out.

The Storygrid

This podcast utilises an editing tool that’s been created by a New York editor. It definitely offers some useful insights to writing the craft and editing.

Breaking the Glass Slipper

This is more of a discussion podcast on themes in books but offers some good insight into how people think about books and what works for people and what may not, and offers some