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Editing a sci-fi novel

I’ve started the third edit of the ‘Book’ and it definitely feels like I’ve entered the bowels of storytelling. While much is created during the first draft, editing what you’ve written is where the story really begins to take place. I currently have 68,000 words to get through and it feels like a huge task of knowing the world, the characters, the history the future and how everything fits┬átogether.

Getting to grips with story

I’ve been writing constantly now since the weekend I spent on Waiheke, I originally started writing Historical Fiction, but as I delved more into the new world of self publishing, I discovered the joys of writing genre fiction and how writing sci-fi/post apocalyptic fiction made more of a fit for my current style. I started working on my current WIP at the end of September 2016 and I’m now in the final act of the second draft. I’ve been doing a lot of learning in regards to both craft and publishing since then and now as my story is coming…