Refilling the creative well

Life, eh? It can take it’s toll sometimes, we can get so busy with keeping up to the demands of work and everything else we need to do that it can end up draining the energy that we need to thrive. As someone who’s innately creative I need to find things that help keep me fuelled creatively, otherwise, I’ve found my happiness suffers.

This week, I’ve been away from work and my normal routine, and in a new apartment that’s back in the city centre, so I’ve been using my spare time to get back to what makes me feel creative. The other day, I took a walk down to the waterfront and ended up going round the Maritime Museum for the umpteenth time (hey, it’s free if you’re a resident!), and for the first time ever I had forgotten my headphones and so only had my brain for company. Now normally, I have my headphones with me constantly! I’m always listening to something, whether it be a podcast or an audiobook, there’s always something in my ears. I think I’ve come to learn that it helps me process my surroundings easier, but not sure…Anyhoo, I had forgotten my headphones but my brain was quiet enough to let me completely think about the book I’m working on and I got to do some deep dive thinking as I walked along the water’s edge and around the immigration section of the museum. I got to know my story and characters on a deeper level and think of how to expand the world that I’ve created.

I’m still in the depths of editing and hoping for it to feel more completed soon, but as I came back to my writing desk, I found my work better and stronger because I had taken the time out to properly think. As creatives, it’s important to fill this well and not feel guilty for doing so. If there’s something that helps you refill your own well, be sure to indulge in it every now and then as it could be the best thing for your work.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a good thing to forget your headphones and listen clearly to what your brain is trying to tell you.