Editing a sci-fi novel

I’ve started the third edit of the ‘Book’ and it definitely feels like I’ve entered the bowels of storytelling. While much is created during the first draft, editing what you’ve written is where the story really begins to take place. I currently have 68,000 words to get through and it feels like a huge task of knowing the world, the characters, the history the future and how everything fits together.

Sometimes it feels overwhelming, sometimes it feels like progress. Ultimately it’s all leading towards a better book being written which makes me happy.

Things that I’ve noticed when editing a sci-fi based novel is interesting, and has made me see how easier a first draft would be with more pre-production. With the setting I’ve created, I’m trying to work out how the society works, how the humans work (as some have mutant abilities), what the history is that caused America to evolve to what it’s become in the book, what the Presidential system is like and so much more. It’s a lot to hold together and editing is where it can be refined and polished so that it flows seamlessly, and it shows what I need to focus my thinking on to answer questions that editing is bringing up.


The edits have a long way to go before the book is officially finished, but I’m excited to see where it ends up as a result.

My editing station!